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Restaurant Billing Software System

Restaurant Point of Sale Fast and efficient restaurant billing at the touch of your fingers. EPOS Direct Restaurant Management is a modern solution for a new generation of restaurant owners, providing end-to-end operational control of all online orders from any online aggregator. EPOS Direct Restaurant Software is in high demand and is top selling restaurant pos software all over the world, including India. From quick order punching to reporting, our Restaurant Smart POS takes care of everything. Connect your front-house, kitchen, and back-office operations with the industry’s most secure Smart POS System.

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  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free Support
  • Ready for Plug and Play

The sleek and elegant design of Smart POS System that best fits to the Restaurant industry.


  • True Flat 15" Touch Screen POS
  • Secure Metallic Black Cash Drawer
  • Thermal Receipt Printer 80mm
  • POS Software for Restaurants
  • Free Installation
  • No need for Internet
  • Support 7 days a week
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Restaurant Software for Every Business Type

Compatible with almost all hardware and easy to setup


Bars & Pubs

Fast food & Takeaway

Hotel & Beverage

Bakery & Confectionery

Cafe & Lounges

Ice Cream Parlor


The Complete Restaurant POS
Solution for your Business

  • Maximize your profits with intelligent sales in sight
  • Offer your customers a wide range of payment options
  • Increase happy customers
  • Get Real-time kitchen management with Restaurant POS Software
  • Table Reservation System
  • Food costing and Wastage reports
  • Multi store management
  • Manage table and kitchen orders.
  • Customer management and a wide range of customizable customer loyalty programs
  • Employee management, rotations, deliveries, and so on
  • Restaurant billing software
  • On-site options
  • Cloud based point of sale software
  • Alerts and real-time reporting

Why Buy From EPOS Direct?

Endless possibilities in a single system
  • The world's leading supplier with over 23 countries of customers ranging from small to very large corporations
  • With over 20 million users worldwide, a new EPOS Direct Software user is activated every 3 hours.
  • The Global Inventory Software Market places POS Software ranked at number 15.
  • No customer is left unattended, with onsite engineers and stocks to support them in network of branches in India.
  • Over 18 years of successful trading with accolades and large brands who choose us first.
  • Reliable and robust technologies that ensure to deliver a return on investment.
  • Cloud based and Onsite solutions available based on customer business requirements.

Key Features of a Restaurant Billing Software



Customisable Dashboard

Instant overview of your business across all of your locations and devices. Access real-time sales and employee performance reports on the go.

Back Office

Power At Your Fingertips

Access complete management system from any device, anywhere allowing you complete visibility and control over your business, inventory and your staff. Easily add, edit and delete products through our world's favorite and easy to use Back Office.


Restrict Unauthorised Access

Set different authorisation levels for each employee to control discount levels, restrict who can offer refunds or void sales. Protect yourself from employee theft, by preventing unauthorised access through pin number or swipe cards and by keeping sensitive information hidden.


Complete Stock

Have complete control over your inventory levels. Monitor your shrinkage, whilst ensuring you always have your best-selling products in stock. Streamline stock ordering process by automatically raising purchase orders, and easily manage inter-location stock transfer.


Improve Repeat Business

Add your customers quickly as they make purchases, allowing you to invoice them. Allow credit, and collect important data like email addresses and phone numbers. Through the loyalty module provide customers with loyalty cards, allocate your customers to collect points for their purchases, to encourage repeat business. Also drive brand loyalty and awareness.


Improve Staff Performance

With staff clocking in and out through the till, staff working hours and pay will be automatically generated by the Back Office. Extensive employee reporting allows you to identify the best performing staff, and highlight under-performing staff. See the most successful staff at upselling, and the staff who is best at selling each product.

POS System for Restaurant - Fast food & Takeaway, Bars & Pubs, Hotel & Beverage

The Restaurant industry has always been the one to be on the fast track to ensure that procedures function smoothly, as a minute of delay might result in a shift in customer behavior. To avoid all of these mishaps, we have tailored our Restaurant POS Software for specific industries to provide you with optimum performance at all times. No matter where our POS machines are situated, whether at a restaurant counter, QSR, resort, or hotel lobby, they are guaranteed to perform without lag and to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Designed for the industry

From the design to the peripherals installed on the POS machines, these machines will fit into any restaurant or hotel reception area, taking up minimal space and ensuring a clutter-free environment. Similarly, in modern retail stores, FSRs, and QSRs, there is a high volume of little transactions, necessitating fast processing and larger memory (RAM). So, in order to meet your needs, our POS machines provide the appropriate hardware for your business.

A good investment Buy

The All-in-One Restaurant POS Software and Systems we offer are all designed to provide solutions to the majority of the processes in a restaurant or hotel. Restaurant Management Software includes everything you need for a restaurant including Restaurant Billing Software in a well-built body that is also designed to resist any environment.

Robust Service and Support Network

As a firm dedicated to providing strong, dependable service and support, we have been in the POS market for more than 20 years, with customer satisfaction as our core. We recognize that even the tiniest issue can cost a customer's time and damage your reputation, which is why we make ourselves available at all times

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Overview of Restaurant store billing software

Restaurant POS systems enable you to synchronies your front and back of house operations by accepting orders and processing sales through a single centralized system. With a restaurant POS, you can manage your table plans, inventory, reservations, and orders all from single device that provides real-time information.

The POS System you select should be based on the needs of your business. You don't want to pay for features that are only available to full-service restaurants if you own a takeout restaurant. In general, you'll want a restaurant POS that keeps track of stock, manages tables, and tracks employee hours and pay.

Billing software includes some exclusive features that help restaurants provide faster service. It enhances the billing process and the customer satisfaction. Customers can order and pay bills from their tables. It improves the efficiency of your system and allows you to provide faster services to your customers.

A restaurant that uses restaurant POS Software helps you store user information and aids in increase of customer satisfaction.

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Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) are digital order viewing screens that can be used in place of printers and paper tickets in the kitchen of a restaurant

A POS system aids in inventory management by providing an exact and up-to-date overview of items available. It records information about each product, such as the number of sales, the date of sale, and the price.