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POS Software In Bangalore

EPOS DIRECT goes beyond the basics to provide everything you need to manage every aspect of your business—all in one place.

All businesses are involved in the billing and invoicing process. The software assists you in all aspects of accounting and financial tasks. Furthermore, the benefits of billing and invoicing software can be extended to automating routine tasks, ensuring that all accounting figures are accurate and precise, and greatly benefiting from the elimination of the manual data entry process. EPOS Direct the best billing software for your business.

EPOS Direct software offers a comprehensive solution to all types of restaurants and retail stores. EPOS Direct also offers solutions to cafes, QSR (quick service restaurants), Dine-in restaurants, pubs, and bars, retail outlets, supermarkets etc.

Our billing software is primarily designed for quick and easy billing, inventory management, vendor management, CRM (customer relationship management), reporting and analysis, tablet ordering, feedback management, waiting list, and a variety of other features that help to streamline the restaurant and retail management process.

Accept orders through your billing system to ensure that you never miss an order placed by the customer. EPOS Direct POS software, which is integrated with online order platforms, aids in the order taking process.

Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Fully interactive, Drag & drop, Can be viewed from any standard browser using any device on the go

Employee Information

Employee Information

Records employee information, keeps personnel records such as appraisals, incident reports, employee perks etc...

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses, keep a detailed record of each new product or returned product

Easy to use and Integrate

Easy to use and Integrate

Our EPOS system compatible with most ERP systems. A simplified user interface for easy and fast transactions

Omni-Channel Ready

Omni-Channel Ready

Online platform integration packed with multiple in-store features like self or assisted checkout, order ahead & CRM tool

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Create and manage multiple loyalty schemes, Redeem loyalty points and Define expiry date for loyalty points, cash back and other discounts

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How do you provide support?

We provide support and technical assistance with a dedicated team through 24/7 live support

Why should I invest in POS software?

A point of sale system (POS) is a software that is frequently organised with a compatible hardware package that is used to organise and operate your business. The system includes your customer care, inventory, financial reporting, salary, and other departments into a single program, allowing you to centralise tasks. When compared to the alternative of using separate software to manage each area, using a POS saves time and is more cost effective.

What kind of businesses can use EPOS Direct POS Software for billing?

EPOS Direct POS Software is a billing and accounting application to manage your business. Almost every restaurant and service provider can use EPOS Direct for managing their business.

Is EPOS Direct POS software that can be accessed online or offline?

EPOS Direct POS system for restaurant is a desktop application that can be used offline. However, some features, such as application updates, Android apps, SMS, and email, necessitate an active internet connection.

Can I make changes to my documents?

You certainly can. There are several customization options available, varying from selecting the paper format to selecting a colors and patterns. Our retail billing software is designed to remember your opinions so you don't have to reselect it every time you it.

What makes EPOS Direct the best billing software in Bangalore?

An important difference between our product and others is that we focused to keep it as simple and clean as possible from the design phase, resulting in one of the most user friendly restaurant billing software solutions available.