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POS Software In Ahmedabad

EPOS Direct is a simple POS system that is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Manage Inventory; Operate an Advanced Cash Register, Improve Consumer Loyalty, and more. A POS system includes retail point of sale software, which allows businesses to add more flexibility to their operations by making the best use of the resources available. POS software automates operations, provides the best organizational plan by streamlining all activities, and increases revenue growth.

Retail businesses require a POS system to simplify business operations and provide all customers with a simple and highly satisfying buying experience. With a retail POS, you can track inventory, buying, and sales patterns from anywhere while analysing business performance to increase revenue. With digital solutions, you can stay ahead of the competition, provide your customers with versatile shopping options, and increase convenience. A POS streamlines all operations from purchase to sales, customer loyalty, CRM, store management, financial reporting, and integrations, and it is a critical force for running a successful business.

All in one Point of Sales System

Save time and improve efficiency.

EPOS Direct is comprehensive software for your business!

  • Quick POS screen to help your sales move much more quickly;
  • Complete stock management;
  • Full register management;
  • Quotations and orders;
  • Delivery control;
  • Complete stock management;
  • And much more

Keep track of your statistics and financial reports!

  • Reports on cash register closures,
  • Sales and commissions,
  • Accounts payable,
  • Financial summary and stock movements
  • Control your store from multiple computers on the network;
  • Sales Taxes
Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

Fully interactive, Drag & drop, Can be viewed from any standard browser using any device on the go

Employee Information

Employee Information

Records employee information, keeps personnel records such as appraisals, incident reports, employee perks etc...

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses, keep a detailed record of each new product or returned product

Easy to use and Integrate

Easy to use and Integrate

Our EPOS system compatible with most ERP systems. A simplified user interface for easy and fast transactions

Omni-Channel Ready

Omni-Channel Ready

Online platform integration packed with multiple in-store features like self or assisted checkout, order ahead & CRM tool

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Customer Loyalty & Promotions

Create and manage multiple loyalty schemes, Redeem loyalty points and Define expiry date for loyalty points, cash back and other discounts

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Why should I invest in POS software?

A point of sale system (POS) is software that is frequently organized with a compatible hardware package that is used to organize and operate your business. The system includes your customer care, inventory, financial reporting, salary, and other departments into a single program, allowing you to centralize tasks. When compared to the alternative of using separate software to manage each area, using a POS saves time and is more cost effective.

What is the price of POS software?

The cost of a POS is determined by the complexity, quantity, and number of users of the required software and hardware. A POS's return on investment is relatively positive, which is why most businesses use it. It will help your business develop, which will eventually pay for the extra expenses.

What is POS (Point of Sale)?

POS is an abbreviation for Point of Sale, which is a shorter form of data captured at the point of sale. The term arose as evolving computer hardware and software enabled the capture of sale data at the point of sale.

Is it possible to transfer data from an existing POS to a new POS software system?

If your current software can export customer and inventory information, you may be able to transfer the data into your new system; however, each case must be evaluated individually.

Is it possible to run the POS software from a personal computer?


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